About Albacore

Albacore is a suite of rake tasks that is intended to make building .NET systems easier. It originally started as an experiment to learn ruby and rake. After some basic ideas were laid down, the framework took shape pretty quickly. A number of people heard about it and began submitting their own patches and ideas to the project. After several iterations of the code, a lot of learning and a ton of great help, Albacore has become quite popular. It's getting some good press via blogs and twitter, and is continuing to grow and improve, rapidly.

The AlbacoreBuild.net site was started to help centralize resources for Albacore. The site is still young, though, so check back frequently for updates to the layout and content. Don't forget to subscribe to the feed, as well.

Install The Gem Or Git The Source Code

You can git the source code and/or gem installation instructions from GitHub, at http://github.com/Albacore/albacore

News And Updates