Publishing A ClickOnce Winforms Project

2010-01-09 00:00:00 -0800

Today’s tidbit of awesomeness comes to you from Kevin Berridge. Ths was originally a discussion / support request over at the Google Group and Kevin turned it into a blog post. I added a little formatting, but the content of the ‘publishing a ClickOnce project’ section is entirely Kevin’s.

Publishing A ClickOnce Winforms Project, via Kevin Berridge

To set it up, get the ClickOnce publish working in Visual Studio first. With that done, write a rake script like this:

desc "Publish ClickOnce"
msbuildtask("publish") do |msb| = {
    "configuration" => "Release",
    "PublishDir" => "C:/temp/",
    "PublishUrl" => "C:/temp/",
    "InstallUrl" => "C:/temp/"
  msb.targets [:Publish]
  msb.solution = "slnFile.sln"

Thanks, Kevin

You’ll want to know about the gotcha’s that Kevin ran into, as well. So head on over to his blog post for a little more information and some good tips on making this work!

Thanks for taking the time to blog this, Kevin. Every example we get will make the project that much more valuable.

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