v0.1.3 Release Notes: Bug Fixes And An NCover Console Feature

2010-04-29 00:00:00 -0700

Albacore v0.1.3 was just pushed up to RubyGems.org. It contains a few bug fixes, some additional behind-the-scenes tests to ensure quality in the future, and a small enahncement to the NCover Console task. NCover Console task.

Adding exclude_attributes To NCover Console

Panda Wood added the syntax to support exclude_attributes to the NCover Console task. This option allows you to not run coverage against attributes in your codebase. Dave Laribee has a pretty good write-up about this feature. If you are interesting in knowing what this does and why, check out his blog post.

Rename ignore_assemblies To exclude_assemblies For NCover Console

Chalk this one up to “why did I do that?!” The option to exclude assemblies in the NCover Console was aptly named ignore_assemblies in the previous releases. This is not the naming convention that NCover itself uses, and didn’t make sense once Panda Wood added the exclude_attributes functionality. So, the ignore_assemblies attribute has been renamed to exclude_assemblies.

Bug: Exec Task Duplicates All Parameters

Dave The Ninja found this one. I’m honestly surprised no one else found it – including me. The Exec Task was duplicating every parameter that was specified, when executing. This has been fixed and tests have been put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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