Legacy Prerelease Announcement

2013-09-09 00:00:00 -0700

We are finalizing work on the "legacy" Albacore gem. The internals of Albacore are pretty messy and need a refresh. We'll be talking more about this later. For now, know that we are working to stabilize and release a proper 1.0 version of Albacore and it will be the last legacy release (except critical bug fixes and patches, more on that process later, as well).

Right now, Albacore has a nasty Rubyzip dependency bug that will cause Albacore not to load. You need to install this version to work around that.

> gem install albacore --version '~> 1.0.rc'

or, in your Gemfile

gem "albacore", "~> 1.0.rc"

We've been sitting on a handful of new features and other fixes

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